Help the glovester!!

Pre-1970 gloves for that you are looking to sell, trade or looking for.

Help the glovester!!

Postby theglovester » October 29th, 2016, 3:39 pm

Thanks to JD, I am looking for a Ruth glove....Yep...that Ruth, The Bambino himself. I am hoping for a Reach Ruth, but a nice Spaulding will work. Please post your Ruth gloves and me and JD will decide. He has my purse strings on the purchase, Help a poor Confederate out guys. JD sold some of my gloves and we have some $$$. I am looking for something nice but not a museum piece. The glove has to have a nice tag and readable stampings, but the liner can be so-so. as long as you can put it on and your fingers find their home...Thanks for your help!!! yours in gloves, The Drokester.
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