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Repairing a 1930s Reach glove

PostPosted: July 14th, 2018, 6:49 am
by tjai
Hi All.

I would like to do some repairs on this circa 1930 Reach first base mitt. The piping and the lacing are missing from one lower side of the glove. Any advice on how (or whether to) replace the piping? Would you get a donor glove to remove it's piping and re-glue it on? Also, would you re-lace the whole glove with some new lacing or just find some similar era lace and rope it through?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

Re: Repairing a 1930s Reach glove

PostPosted: August 14th, 2018, 3:25 pm
by mikesglove
I would use a donor catchers mitt because there is a lot of available piping. It's pretty easy to remove piping with an x-acto knife. I try to leave the remnant stitches in place for an authentic look. I use some contact cement because it works well for small surface areas. Old catchers mitt lacing works well because there is a lot of it. Beaters can be had pretty cheaply on ebay, especially lefty versions.