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1958 Stall & Dean "Crown Back" glove

PostPosted: June 2nd, 2012, 4:13 am
by mikesglove
This one hadn't been touched for decades. It was dry as a bone. I bought this Go-Jo hand cleaner with fine Italian pumice I wanted to try out. I had been using a coarser pumice variety but this glove was not really soiled badly and I thought it wouldn't take much to clean it. The hand cleaner worked pretty well and I used it sparingly. I followed that treatment with saddle soap, water and a tooth brush. The leather was so dry it soaked up the watered down saddle soap quickly as I was wiping it down. I rubbed in a few coats of Vaseline with a cloth a little later and the golden color of the leather started to appear and deepen. The glove will probably need more coats of Vaseline in a week or two but I am pretty happy how it turned out.
The scuffed areas on the leather piping were not deep. The piping came out especially good once it was cleaned and Vaseline was worked in. The faint green initials on the wrist strap came off pretty easily with the fine pumice hand cleaner. I was lucky and the interior leather of the glove was in good shape and only needed to be conditioned with the saddle soap and Vaseline.
the Stall & Dean logo is one of my favorites. The brass logo button with red lettering is also very nice.

Re: 1958 Stall & Dean "Crown Back" glove

PostPosted: June 2nd, 2012, 9:01 am
by deebro041
That's a great cleanup job. I appreciate when members post descriptions on how and what they do to clean gloves, it helps me a bunch! Thanks!