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FS: Turn of Century Ratsch Peerless Webless Crescent Glove

PostPosted: December 22nd, 2020, 12:04 pm
by Yanks23
For sale is this turn of the century Ratsch Peerless Webless Crescent glove. Webless gloves are pretty rare. You know this. Webless gloves attributed to specific manufacturers are even more rare. Webless gloves attributed to Ratsch Peerless? Find another. This glove is in fantastic condition with the “highest quality wool felt” lining intact all the way through the finger stalls. The glove measures 8.5” from left to right and 9.0” from top to bottom. See the 1903 catalog description below (webless on the left). $4500. If interested, I can be reached at
Ratsch Peerless Webless Front.jpg

Ratsch Peerless Webless Back.jpg

Ratsch Peerless Webless Catalog.jpg