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List a glove you would sell for $600

PostPosted: July 15th, 2020, 8:02 pm
by Rickybulldog
Hey Everyone,

Here we go. I posted the rules below.

The rules are:

*You can list 1-2 submissions in the category. You can sell a bundle (1 submission) for the set price point as well. For example, a package of 3 gloves at 600. Once you sell a glove/submission, you can list another one and the process continues. Sellers please keep your submission current and let the board know if the item is sold.

*Please provide a short description and pictures of the glove(s) for sale. It is important to provide glove measurements (whether it is adult, midline, youth). Don't forget to INCLUDE THE PRICE in your description. Include your email in the description if you feel comfortable. Buyers can contact you through email (clicking the mail icon or listed email) or posting "I'll take it" in the thread reply.

*Sellers pay attention to email/reply post time stamps to keep dealings on the level.

*Price glove(s) including shipping. *Note: Some collectors live outside the USA, so price accordingly.

*Payment by PayPal (Friends & Family option) is the preferred method of payment among many glove collectors and hobbyists but that is up to each respective seller. Remember, if you have your PayPal account connected to your bank account as the funding source (or if you have funds in your PayPal account), there are no fees to send money. If you have your PayPal account connected to your credit card, there may be a fee to send money.

I'll start it off with this one,

1. Super Rare Goldsmith Heinie Groh. Great top quality glove. All intact with a smooth hole free liner. Adult sized glove that is 9" tall and 9" wide. My email is or reply to the post with I'll take it.

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Re: List a glove you would sell for $600

PostPosted: July 17th, 2020, 11:51 pm
by Rickybulldog
2 crescent catcher's mitts from Rob Mucha:

Nice adult sized Spalding crescent. Good black patch and nice olive suede leather. The other is an old Wright & Ditson crescent. Rare lefty with a patched palm that looks period. Buckle is broken, but this is a rare one with a great W&D patch. Liner is hole free. $600 takes em' both. Contact me at since these are at my house.



Re: List a glove you would sell for $600

PostPosted: July 18th, 2020, 12:45 pm
by Rickybulldog
Here's one final one from me:


Original Bill Doak with both patches. Nice stamping and still has white liner. $600