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Wilson catalogs wanted.

PostPosted: January 11th, 2018, 11:18 pm
by wilsonjb
Hey everybody.
Hopefully y'all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. I've got an idea and I need your help. I am in need of a few more Wilson catalogs that I can't quite put my hands on. I'm more than willing to buy them from you for a reasonable price. The missing years I need are...
Any 1910's, 1920, '22, '23, '33, '36, '41, '43, '44, '45, '46, '47, '64, '65, '66, '67, '68, '69, and 1970. I know it's a tall order but any help locating these catalogs Will be greatly appreciated!
You can reach me at

Thank you everybody!