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New Nokona Glove History Book 2nd Edition

PostPosted: December 16th, 2013, 6:17 pm
by softball66
Here's our second edition of the Nokona Glove History Book (now with 80 years of production). This will be great for those of you who missed the limited edition of our first printing
and for those of you who want to take in the latest additions and changes we've made to our first offering. There's a back inside cover page where Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan talks about his first Nokona glove and how he supports Nokona's unique mission. Nolan purchased more than a few gloves to give to employees at the Texas Rangers and Roundrock teams.
Also a new chapter on the Nokona glove endorsers who either have written books or have had books or articles written about them.>>> ... 1555.l2649

We're only selling a few of these in another small limited edition. For our glove forum members we are making a few available at the discounted price of $20 plus $3.50 shipping.
You may order though paypal and use glove as the payee. Make sure you have your mailing address and note about what you're ordering.
Thanks and have a Happy Holiday Season to Each and All : :* * * :P * * *