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News from France

PostPosted: April 10th, 2019, 1:57 pm
by Moonlight Graham
Hi guys,
some of you may remember me, I'm the guy teaching English in a French middle school that you helped build a team some 12 years ago thanks to your donations! Back then you sent gloves and bats and baseballs that did so much more than help me start a little school team. You literally changed my life! Thanks to you, this whole tiny little thing became the adventure of a lifetime! The kids and I visited California, found great friends there, we also hosted little leaguers from Davis, CA. twice here in Burgundy, and the school team became a real club. We went on to play coed softball and came this close to winning the regional championship. We also tried stickball and wiffle ball and went to play a friendly stickball game in the Bronx, during the Memorial Day Weekend Tournament (a great event that I recommend to all of you)! It's all been a wonderful experience and I do hope it's still only the beginning. I have been enjoying every minute of it and there's still so much more to come. And it all started right here.

So thank you all for your help. My life would not have been the same without you. Thank you! :)

Re: News from France

PostPosted: April 10th, 2019, 7:48 pm
by vintagebrett
Thanks for the update! That is great to hear and I'm glad that project worked out so well for you. I know that I appreciate the update and the rest of the forum does as well. I look forward to hearing about the next phase. Best of luck!