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Rawlings Catchers Mitt-Perkins

PostPosted: July 19th, 2006, 10:28 pm
by mitchkel
Hi All,

A very learned glove collector directed me to this site. I found this glove about a week ago. It is a Rawlings catchers mitt. I would appreciate your imput on it. It is signed Perkins. It is in good shape.
Thank you very much

PostPosted: July 20th, 2006, 8:51 am
by vintagebrett

According to the Catalog Source Book, Rawlings made a catcher's mitt endorsed by Cy Perkins from 1925 until 1953! He must have been the Bill Doak of catcher's mitts. I would say the one you have is somewhere from the mid to late 1940's but I could be wrong.

If you want to know more about Cy Perkins you can read about him here: