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5 Vintage Gloves inherited by Noob

PostPosted: February 16th, 2015, 10:41 pm
by TayHa985
I recently came into possession of 5 vintage baseball gloves through family. I loved playing baseball in high school and as a fan of the game in general, I want to know more about what I have here. Plus, I think they are pretty cool looking and would like to display them!

Other than what I can glean from what stamped on the gloves I am completely ignorant to what time period(s) these 5 gloves came from, what condition they would be considered to be in, if they are of any significant value and should be insured, etc.

Internet research has yielded widely varying info. Below is the information I can gather myself from physical inspection. I made an album on, with and without flashes. Here is the link to the album - (edit, updated album with missing photos of other gloves)

If you guys could share any knowledge, information and/or opinions on these 5 gloves, I would really appreciate it!

#1 - Appears to have been manufactured by Stall & Dean in Brockton, Massachusetts. The glove is stamped at the base of the palm with the number "8032". The backside strap has "Raymond Neil, 429 S. Grant 4369" handwritten in black ink on it. A possible relationship between the glove and an individual was brought to my attention; "Raymond Neil" could have a possible connection to Ray Neil (Sabr ID: 279a7333) who played for the Cincinnati Clowns in the Independent Negro League from 1941 to 1942 and for the Indianapolis Clowns in the Negro American League from 1946 to 1948.

#2 - I can see faded word and "Walnut" below handwritten black ink on the inside pinky.

#3 - "Grease-treated genuine horse hide", "GK MFG.CO.", "Ada, Ohio", and is stamped with the number "752".

#4 - "Genuine Horse Hide" and is stamped with the number "1656"

#5 - "Joe Gordon Personal Model" on the pinky

Re: 5 Vintage Gloves inherited by Noob

PostPosted: February 20th, 2015, 1:43 pm
by vintagebrett
Thanks for sharing and the detailed pictures. None of the gloves have much value but hopefully you'll enjoy them for what they are. The gloves date from the 1930's until early 1950's - the Stall & Dean, OK MFG Co. and Joe Gordon are most likely from the 1940's, the model 1656 appears to be from the 1930's and the unmarked one is early 1950's.

Here are some pictures of what they OK MFG Co. 752 would look like if you had the webbing.

Re: 5 Vintage Gloves inherited by Noob

PostPosted: February 20th, 2015, 7:46 pm
by ebbets55
Your JC Higgins 1656 is a Lefty O'Doul model. I have it in the box. If you type 1656 into the search box in the Glove Gallery you can see another example The 1656 is the lefty model. The 1655 is the same righty model.