1943 Dubow/Marathon "Pee Wee Reese" model

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1943 Dubow/Marathon "Pee Wee Reese" model

Postby mikesglove » June 17th, 2012, 4:45 pm

I liked the blond leather on this glove, at least what I hoped was blond. It was so dry that areas of the glove were almost white, as you can see in the pictures. Sometimes after cleaning and conditioning, the leather darkens considerably. I was hoping it would stay light colored since I have no other gloves like that. there weren't any clear markings on the front because of the dirt.

The leather held up really well to the waterless hand cleaner, saddle soap and Vaseline treatment. The leather stayed blond colored and the markings in the pocket came out strong. Yay! I had to add to the existing lacing that was missing at the heel. I had some vintage blond leather from an old hockey mitt of all things and cut a strip off of it and added it to the missing area by tapering down the new and existing lacing ends and forming a lap joint and bonding with contact cement. Contact cement is just wonderful for certain repairs as is Titebond molding glue.

The glove turned out to be a Marathon Brand made by Dubow. The Pat. Pending under the endorsement would put the glove at 1942-43. Some of the Dubow/Marathon gloves had that distinctive "S" curve to the thumb seam protector.

The back of the glove was in real nice original condition and needed very little work except saddle soap. The outseams is one of my favorite glove inventions. The Dubow patent for the out seams on the back of the fingers on this glove was issued in 1943. I also liked the tunnel web variation using tunnel loop ends.
Since this was a WWll era glove, certain metals needed to be reserved for the war effort. A steel button was used instead of the normal brass. Amazing how the faded ball point signature on the wrist strap just went away with a little extra work using the pumice hand cleaner and my fingernail. Lucky it wasn't in Sharpie. The intact interior lining was soft and supple when I got it and just needed some saddle soap cleaning
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Re: 1943 Dubow/Marathon "Pee Wee Reese" model

Postby Studboy » June 18th, 2012, 12:03 am

Awesome job as always Mike!
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