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Looking for Minnesota Twins gloves

PostPosted: September 29th, 2019, 12:08 pm
by mplsgloves
For the past couple years I have been trying to find and fix up a glove for every Minnesota Twins player who has ever had an endorsed glove. This may sound like a strange, random quest but I've really enjoyed how this project has allowed my to satisfy my interests in vintage glove research, glove restoration, and Twins baseball history. By primarily hunting ebay and local thrift stores, I've been able to find gloves for over 40 Twins players (way more than I assumed would exist!) but now I'm down to the last few players on my want list whose gloves seem to surface quite infrequently. So if anyone can help me track down gloves for the following players I would be extremely grateful:
Hal Naragon (Wilson A2556, A2572)
Pedro Ramos (Dubow 739)
Chuck Stobbs (Dubow)
Zoilo Versalles (Macgregor GS4, GS7, TG111)
Rich Reese (Rawlings FJ15)
Dave Boswell (???)
Rick Dempsey (Rawlings RCM50-BT)
Mike Marshall (Rawlings 0046)
Please note, I am definitely not hung up on finding these gloves in pristine collectible condition. I really enjoy fixing up gloves so I actually prefer gloves that are well used and need some work as long as they aren't too damaged or rotten for my repair skills to salvage.

Finally, here is my working list of all the Twins players who have ever had an endorsed glove. I've done a lot of research to compile this list but its entirely possible I may have missed someone so I welcome anyone who can help me add any Twins gloves I may have overlooked. Also, although I have at least one glove for most of the layers on the list, I am always interested in upgrades and interesting additions to my collection so please let me know if you have any Twins gloves that might be of interest.

The Great Minnesota Twins Glove Project Checklist
Bob Allison 1961-70
Earl Battey 1961-67
Billy Gardner 1961
Jim Kaat 1961-73
Harmon Killebrew 1961-74
Don Mincher 1961-66
Jim Lemon 1961-63
Billy Martin 1961
Ray Moore 1961-63
Hal Naragon 1961-62
Camilo Pascual 1961-66
Pedro Ramos 1961
Rich Rollins 1961-68
Chuck Stobbs 1961
Bill Tuttle 1961-63
Zoilo Versailles 1961-67
Tony Oliva 1962-76
Vic Power 1962-64
Jerry Zimmerman 1962-68
Jimmie Hall 1963-66
Jim Perry 1963-72
Dave Boswell 1964-70
Mudcat Grant 1964-67
Rich Reese 1964-73
Cesar Tovar 1965-72
Ted Uhlaender 1965-69
George Mitterwald 1966-73
Russ Nixon 1966-67
Rod Carew 1967-78
Dean Chance 1967-69
Graig Nettles 1967-69
Ron Perranoski 1968-71
John Roseboro 1968-69
Rick Dempsey 1969-72
Larry Hisle 1973-77
Lyman Bostock 1975-77
Roy Smalley 1976-82, 85-87
Butch Wynegar 1976-82
Mike Marshall 1978-80
Jerry Koosman 1979-81
Frank Viola 1982-89
Kirby Puckett 1984-95
Chris Speier 1984
Don Baylor 1987
Steve Carlton 1987-88
Jack Morris 1991
Dave Winfield 1993-94
Paul Molitor 1996-98
Terry Steinbach 1997-99
Joe Mauer 2004-18


Re: Looking for Minnesota Twins gloves

PostPosted: December 28th, 2019, 4:39 pm
by mplsgloves
Just giving this post a bump to see if anyone might be able to help me out with my Minnesota Twins gloves want list. The ones I'm still looking for are:
Pedro Ramos (Dubow 739)
Chuck Stobbs (Dubow)
Rich Reese (Rawlings FJ15)
Dave Boswell (???)
Rick Dempsey (Rawlings RCM50-BT)
Mike Marshall (Rawlings 0046)

Since my initial post, my list has shrunk a bit as I've snagged a Hal Naragon mitt and this Zoilo Versalles beauty that just needed some new lace and a little cleaning:
The Zoilo personal model had definitely been #1 on my MN Twins gloves most wanted list so it was quite a thrill to cross it off after several years of hunting. Is it just me, or is this glove pretty rare? It sure took me awhile to find one.

Re: Looking for Minnesota Twins gloves

PostPosted: November 29th, 2021, 2:55 pm
by mplsgloves
Hey glove folks,
I'm still working on my big MN Twins glove rehab project so I wanted to bump this post again in hopes someone may be able to help with one of my want list gloves. Here are the elusive Twins gloves I'm still tryin to find:
Pedro Ramos (Dubow 739)
Chuck Stobbs (Dubow)
Reno Bertoia (Sonnett RB, RB-2)
Rich Reese (Rawlings FJ15)
Dave Boswell (???)
Mike Marshall (Rawlings 0046)

Since my last post, I found a Rick Dempsey target mitt and got to try my hand at a new type of glove rehab - leather painting! Using some of the leather paint products from the Angelus company, I was able to get the neon orange to really pop again. Here's the before and after:
Image Image