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if not a Pepper then maybe a Rabbit??

PostPosted: February 26th, 2018, 9:30 am
by theglovester
Ahh spring, the sap is rising and the squeak of basketball tenner shoes is waning!!! the smack of the old horsehide in a mitt is like thunder!! I am adding another unicorn to my chase....A rabbit maranville glove. gotta have rolled piping, and prefer a D&M. If it has issues, no problem, but have to be able to make out endorsement.

On another topic, a half back yankee is helping me complete my baseball card collection. ( A half back Yankee is a Yankee that came south and didn't return..) He is a great guy and was looking for an EM Eddie Matthews HOH. I have a 1958 black label EM and told him I had one but not a HOH. he had never seen one. He got a stick my papaw whittled for the 57 braves, and already sent me some 1965 topps cards for my birth year set. I have had the EM for years and he is a Matthews collector..It needed to go to him...Like a Pepper Martin needs to come to me!! just sayn, or a Rabbit from your briar patch???