Shangri-la has been compromised!!

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Shangri-la has been compromised!!

Postby theglovester » February 7th, 2014, 5:59 pm

Well, you would think that a being tucked way back in a holler in east Tn, would give a man some security, Family farm since 1839..road named after the street lights..peaceful porch swing with Pretty Sharon...confederate flag flapping in front yard, dog on porch, pregnant cows grazing..deer,turkeys,squirrels plentiful..

Then on "Appalachian Outlaws" on the history channel, there it is, everyone will be clamoring to PINEY FLATS, Yep two hollers over are the moonshiners that were on TV (we went to high school together) and yes I have Ginseng patches on the farm. I watch my sang pretty close, usually pull two leaves off and it looks like poison Ivy, plant has to grow for 7 years to be harvestable!

Now, If there is a BIGFOOT sighting in Piney Flats, and "Finding Bigfoot" films here on the farm. I wasn't involved :lol: Seriously it wasn't me jumping into a ditch line with a monkey suit on :wink:

So now you all can see what home looks like here in good ol Piney Flats.

Yours in gloves,shine,sang an who knows what?? Good luck gloving!! Drokester
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Re: Shangri-la has been compromised!!

Postby glovejunkie » February 7th, 2014, 8:02 pm

Ha Ha, now I know how you fund your collection!! Fingerless someday 'ey??

And be careful now, you may have national geographic down there making shows about something else, lol
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