Hey guys!! why does Dixie feel like Yankee land??

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Hey guys!! why does Dixie feel like Yankee land??

Postby theglovester » January 7th, 2014, 11:08 pm

OK, Who is the Yankee collector who sent Siberia South???? Yeah, some farm critters in the house... BRRRR.

Hope this finds you all well, spied something on ebay, a baseball magazine with "Horsehide Houdini" on the cover, Sweet!! ebay # 171210362102

Taking a change of pace from gloving, Making my wife a drop leaf, gate-legged, 6 legged cherry table from lumber logged from the farm. A similiar, but larger table was made by my Confederate anchestor and I am trying to copy it using as many of his tools as possible. Has a mortised wooden hinge, yeah a tester.

She came through and got me a bat to complete my 1860's baseball gear. it's a walnut bat with a lajoie double knob ball balanced handle. "Cant Hook" model? "Strawberry Ridge Swatter" ??? will be lazer engraved at a trophy shop.. :lol: Should have made it from Hickory, but walnut sure is pretty....

I love to scavenge flea mkts, like we all do, and street throw away days, I have an antique booth and sell creations out of stuff, old doors make killer potting tables, etc. Well, I have a curved glass curio cabinet that has broken glass, very similiar to ebay 380812391174, now I plan on reusing the parts and the carved top and rounded top shelf will make a killer bat rack. this is quartersawn oak guys and old, not a repo piece, Will have a mitered hinge and will hold around 8-10 bats vertically. I only have a hand full of bats so if interested give me a holler. Will have to send you a pic via phone, so email me. Price???? will think of something.. Trade???

Keep looking for me a Pepper Martin PM!!! and a Horace partridge bird tag, Victor, wright Ditson, S&D sewn web, etc... and the gloves JD and Rob have 4 me... ah... all in time....

First reenactment in feb. can't wait, voted Corporal by peers, just like my papaws papaw back in 1861!!

Stay warm and good glovin.. spring training in 80 odd days!!!! Glovester

P.S. My favorite Abe Lincoln Quote...Asked why 5000 men could take Mexico City in 3 months and 100,000 can't take Richmond in 3 years? His reply "The same 5000 are guarding Richmond"
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