Spalding top of the line BB1 "World Series" model 1910-20

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Spalding top of the line BB1 "World Series" model 1910-20

Postby redpackman » December 12th, 2018, 12:30 am

My wife inherited this through her father from her grandfather who was born in 1897. It's a Spalding "World Series Model" BB1 baseball glove. According to the Spalding catalogs (thank you for that great source of information) this glove was made from "the finest quality buckskin. This glove was worn by the most successful National and American League infielders during the past is the most popular model we have ever put out."

In another Spalding catalog, they attest, "We hold letters of endorsement praising the good qualities of this glove from many prominent Major league players who use it in all their games exclusively; and from prominent Minor league, semi-professional and college players too numerous to mention." It appears that if a Spalding glove was in the Major's game in those years, this, most likely, was the model.

I can't imagine trying to defend one's self from a line shot off the bat of Ty Cobb or Honus Wagner, let alone field it cleanly with this glove. They were brave men!

From around 1910 until the early 20's Spalding offered the BB1 as the top (1910-1915) or near the top (1916-) of their line and as a glove worn by the professional Major League players. The Spalding BB1 also offered the "King Patent Padding" system which was basically a leather glove within a buckskin glove with padding in between. By unlacing it one could add, subtract or reposition the padding in the glove to exactly match one's personal preferences.

I used Horseman's One Step to clean and revitalize the leather. I'll include before and after pictures as well as pictures of the glove.

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Re: Spalding top of the line BB1 "World Series" model 1910-2

Postby okdoak » December 13th, 2018, 10:27 am

Great looking, high quality glove. It's held up nicely over all those years. If you look through the "Good glove photos are hard to find" thread, you'll find some pictures of players using King Patents.
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