Holy Cow...I just bought a vintage glove

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Holy Cow...I just bought a vintage glove

Postby burker72 » February 18th, 2018, 9:58 am

This past January I bought my first glove after being away from the hobby for a few years. Surprisingly, I went back to buying vintage baseball cards. I've enjoyed collecting PSA graded cards, having bought and sold complete graded 73 and 75 Topps sets, bought and sold a few hundred HOFers, and am now on to just HOF rookie cards. Part of the appeal is the reasonable certainty of what you are buying (at least w graded cards) and the easy buying and selling of graded material.

I've started searching on gloves again and got lucky buying a beautiful glove from ebay seller socalsports. The satisfaction of putting a great glove on your hand is unrivaled, well, at least in collecting. Fortunately, SOCALSPORTS delivered a great glove. If it had come in stiff or worn in the palm I may have opted out again. I've got some additional display space in my basement and am now looking for some neatly stamped catcher's mitts.

Nice to be back on this site. Glad to see glove of the month is still going strong (check out the very first post in that section).

Thanks to SOCALSPORTS for a great transaction, wish I bought your KenWel baseman's mitt!
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Re: Holy Cow...I just bought a vintage glove

Postby vintagebrett » February 19th, 2018, 8:43 am

Geoff - great to see you back!
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Re: Holy Cow...I just bought a vintage glove

Postby Rickybulldog » February 19th, 2018, 12:38 pm

Glad you liked it Geoff,

It's always great to hear wonderful feedback from folks rather than the usual "Am I nuts?" or "Your Buy it now/Best prices are absurd." Fortunately, I have thick skin and take the good with the bad. My overall goal is to provide quality (described) gloves and to have my buyers pay actual shipping, which is why I refund the difference. It's all about providing a quality service. As I said before in the BST section, if there are certain items you are looking for, email me at rickybulldog@aol.com with your wish list and price range.

Well, I'm glad you are looking for more leather. Finding quality items are always fun. Just like you said, it's a great feeling slipping on an old piece of leather on your hand. The Olive Ken Wel went to an ID collector who was thrilled to have it! I'm always glad to add pieces to people's collections.

Thanks for getting the Glove of the Month started, sad to see Mike Hoevet's (RIP) post in your first one. He was always nice to chat with via email.

Have a good one Geoff.

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