Brimfield May 2016

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Brimfield May 2016

Postby vintagebrett » May 14th, 2016, 3:50 pm

Another May Brimfield week has come and gone - it goes by so quickly when you are having a blast and the weather is good. This year I had the honor of hosting GloveCrazy (Rob) and showing him the ropes of the annual show. We kicked things off Monday night with our usual crew - Dan, Ed and William. Had a blast talking collecting and catching up with each other. Tuesday is a long day that goes by fast - we got there at 5 am and left at 5 pm. Found a couple things here and there as we walked around. Selling went pretty well but no one was buying gloves. Wednesday didn't turn up many treasures for me (except a Lego set for the kids) but Rob bought a couple nice items. Thursday turned out to be a good day for both of us - Rob got a number of quality items for himself and I was able to add a white Victor full web to my collection. The week took a toll on poor Rob and his injured hamstring didn't allow him to walk the fields Friday - no big deal because there wasn't much to find then. Overall, we had a great time and picked up some decent stuff. I found a short finger Goldsmith Hal Lee that is well made along with about 4-5 other gloves. Also added another Wm. Read bat. I'll let GloveCrazy describe his experience when he gets back to California and recovers a bit. Here is a shot of our combined haul - most of it is Rob's. 8)
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