Scully Bros. Leather Co. Napa/San Pedro 1906-present

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Scully Bros. Leather Co. Napa/San Pedro 1906-present

Postby mikesglove » February 9th, 2019, 2:53 am

The Scully brothers began the manufacture of working and gauntlet gloves in 1907. It was written that they were former employees of the California Glove Co. in Napa. The Scully brothers opened a small factory on the Napa River and originally named their business the Napa Glove Company. They moved their business to San Pedro in Southern California around 1917. They expanded their leather products to include flight helmets and jackets, arctic gear, automobile gloves, sporting gear and baseball gloves. They changed the name of their business to Scully Bros. The business came upon hard times in the 1950's but was revived by the introduction of high end men's leather apparel. They are still a family owned business under the name Scully Leather.
Below is an ad from 1929.

The glove from the ad is interesting in that it incorporates an antiquated seam reinforcement across the middle two fingers.

I wrote an earlier article about the Hanover Glove Co. and the Gitt Patent of 1908

I imagined the front finger seam being abandoned on baseball gloves and left to work glove manufacturers as the 20th century progressed. Funny to see it on a 1929 era baseball glove. Then again that was the type of construction that was familiar to the Scully Bros. so maybe they just went with it.

A Scully Bros. mitt recently sold at auction. It was a presentation to the boxer Primo Carnera from the El Mexico Baseball Club. It is 16" in diameter. Pretty cool.
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