Mid 80s Rawlings leather: did quality vary...

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Mid 80s Rawlings leather: did quality vary...

Postby mstrane112 » October 19th, 2018, 7:47 am

based on country of manufacture?

Hey guys, I am new to the Forum and very happy to find this place. My son has recently begun to play baseball and it has rekindled my interest in the game, and obviously gloves. I have fond memories of the gloves from my early years. My first glove was a dark blue "Brett Blue" Wilson A2365 endorsed by George Brett. It was actually a nice little glove, and I would love to find another one but they never come up for sale on eBay.

Another glove I remember fondly was my Rawlings RBG50 endorsed by Ozzie Smith. I'm sure my dad purchased it at Wal-mart or somewhere similar. I am no longer a fan of the fastback style, but I still love the H-Web. I happened to find one a few years ago at a resale store and bought it just for nostalgia. This one needs some rehab, hmas the inner palm has some tears and it needs a relace. I found the same model on a local selling group on Facebook. It was in nearly perfect condition so I bought it. When I got it home I noticed it was made in Taiwan, while the first one I bought was made in the Philippines. The leather on the one from the Philippines is so much higher quality that it's not even a comparison. Heavier, softer, less plasticky. The one from the Philippines feels like a much nicer glove than its original price point. The one from Taiwan looks great, but it's light and just feel so flimsy. Even though this is the same model, and I'm sure it was built around the same time, did the quality of the leather really vary that much depending on where the glove was manufactured?
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