Searching in the Snow

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Searching in the Snow

Postby vintagebrett » October 22nd, 2006, 7:46 pm

Went to a show this morning and had to walk around in a little bit of falling snow. Needless to say, not many dealers set up so not much to look at. I did find a really nice JC Higgins Bob Feller split finger. When I saw the glove, it was upside down and I was convinced it was a Goldsmith - same exact web as a lot of the Elmer Riddle gloves. Was surprised when I flipped it over to see Higgins. Very well made glove.

Also had the opportunity to meet fellow forum member Wisey2121 at the show this morning. I really enjoy meeting fellow glove collectors and talking shop. I hope to meet a lot more of you guys sometime in the near future! :)
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Postby BretMan » October 23rd, 2006, 10:44 am

This weekend I traveled from central to southern Ohio for a football playoff game and took the opportunity to hit an antique mall along the way.

Even though this is a fairly large mall, I saw exactly TWO baseball gloves in the entire place!

One was a 1950's import glove that was a little bigger than toddler size. Not something I would buy.

The other was a kid-sized Sonnett first base mitt that was dried-out and brittle. I passed on that one.

Brett, you seem to always make out great with all your shows and auctions! I have found the pickings to be rather slim in Ohio. Maybe there is some untapped goldmine out there that I have yet to find!

Speaking of Sonnett, a trip to northwest Ohio a few weeks a go brought me to within a few miles of the town of Ada which, of course, was the homebase for the "OK" manufacturing company, later renamed "Sonnett" after being aquired by Wilson. Wilson still operates a plant there and this is where all of the official NFL game balls are produced.

I don't know for sure if Wilson offers tours of their plant, or if there might be anything on the tour associated with OK/Sonnett/Wilson glovemaking efforts.

Has anyone ever passed through Ada and seen the Wilson plant?
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