W&D Crescent Padded Fielder's GLOVES

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W&D Crescent Padded Fielder's GLOVES

Postby jpop43 » September 11th, 2012, 9:35 pm

Had a really nice reunion of sorts today. One that I really didn’t think possible even though I had kinda hoped and dreamed about it for some time now. Here is the background…

A while back a deal was presented to me that I could not refuse (lots of cash, Joe Jackson decal bat…you get the picture). As good as it was, it involved me parting with one of my absolute favorite gloves…the W&D Crescent (RHT) that you see below. This is gonna sound really crazy, but in preparation for the deal to move my RHT glove, I reached out to a friend and pretty much solicited him for the W&D Crescent (LHT) that you also see below…the mirror image of my soon to be ex-RHT crescent glove.

Both deals went thru and like two ships passing in the night, my RHT went out and the LHT came in…I know, crazy. As much as I loved the RHT that I had owned for many years, I loved the LHT just as much. It’s an awesome glove…large, supple, pristine patch, and a really cool annotation from a kid in Needham, Mass. from 1906. I was satisfied that I had immediately backfilled a HUGE hole in my collection, but always wished that, somehow, I could one day own both…reunite the twins.

Well, time goes by…a couple of years actually, and I see my ol’ W&D Crescent come up for auction this past Spring (the RHT example…c’mon, people…stay with me here). I couldn’t bid on it as a result of some other commitments, and watched it go to some other lucky collector. Likely my one and only opportunity to put both gloves together, right?

As luck would have it, I get an email on Saturday that contained a “for sale” list of some of the most fantastic gloves that I have ever seen assembled in one place. On that list, you guessed it, my ol’ friend…the W&D Crescent that I had parted ways with a couple of years back. This time, I had to have it. Although, still not in the very best position to lay out for it, I had to pull the proverbial trigger.

It arrived in the mail today in the very same state that I shipped it out in years ago. I know that the RHT is a bit darker in spots due to some wear and age, but its the exact same glove as the LHT. So, here are the twins…for the first time in public together…my W&D Crescent padded fielder’s gloves!

Thanks for listening…I had to tell someone.

W&D front.JPG
W&D Crescent Padded Fielder's Gloves
W&D back.JPG
W&D Crescent Padded Fielder's Gloves
W&D righty patch.JPG
W&D Crescent Padded Fielder's Gloves
W&D Lefty patch.JPG
W&D Crescent Padded Fielder's Gloves
W&D Crescent Padded Fielder's Gloves
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Re: W&D Crescent Padded Fielder's GLOVES

Postby eleet » September 11th, 2012, 9:55 pm

Awesome gloves. It's cool you were able to have both after all that!
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Re: W&D Crescent Padded Fielder's GLOVES

Postby deebro041 » September 11th, 2012, 10:03 pm

Great story! It's interesting that the patch on the LHT glove is opposite of the norm. Is this common for the LHT gloves of this style?

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