Before and After Lanolin

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Before and After Lanolin

Postby doubleSwitch » April 14th, 2007, 11:06 pm

The brand i discovered in Ontario Canada is LANSINOH for breastfeeding

Mothers, It is 100% pure Lanolin. First i use Fast Orange WIPES ! Yes

WIPES. The Fast Orange Wipes are Permatex lightly textured wipes

when used works nicely on taking away dirt and grime. Then i add the

pure Lanolin generously by hand. Kind of depending how dry the glove

is. After an hour i wipe the glove with a soft cotton towel and reapply the

Lanolin. [img] ... 2a3d_b.jpg [/img]

[img] ... 0741_b.jpg [/img]

My son wanted to get into collecting as well and we bought this low end

May's glove for $20.00 and cleaned it up. After awhile i'm sure he will

start getting into higher end glove's as everyone else has. after he finds

a job :? [/img] ... 4107_b.jpg [url]

[img] ... 8c7b_b.jpg [/img][/url]
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Postby mudman » April 15th, 2007, 1:46 pm

Good job!!
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