If it looks like a Doak, and smells like a Doak...

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If it looks like a Doak, and smells like a Doak...

Postby burker72 » May 27th, 2007, 7:07 am

Below are some before and after shots of a vintage Spalding fielder's glove. This glove has kicked around my house for some time. The glove has a great lining and the leather is in pretty good condition, but cleaning it had been a mystery. Fortunately it is on the road to recovery with the help of the forum and some elbow grease. With a little more effort (between the fingers, wrist strap, blending the colors) this will be one of my favs, of course any glove that you bring back to life is very rewarding and often finds a prominent place in your display.

Unfortunately all of the markings in the glove are gone, except the number 1908 on the heel, which I trust is some kind of patent date. The glove has a nice patch which is clearly a Spalding. The lacing of the glove is surely reminiscient of a Doak glove. So that is what has me wondering...the glove has a 1908 patent date (of course it could have been marked as such for years after) but it has the Doak style lacing which I believe wasn't available for a number of years. It doesn't seem to quite add up...




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Postby Rickybulldog » May 27th, 2007, 4:13 pm

Wow! Nice looking glove. Great job on the cleaning. I've never seen that type of Doak web on a Spalding. Very odd. Although I'm not surprised. I had a Huge Spalding Professional Model one inch web fielder's glove with asbestos lining which I've never seen either. Nice Spalding red patch. How did you acquire it?
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