lining replacement

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lining replacement

Postby mas » April 24th, 2009, 10:07 am

Which companies/businesses/individuals are trusted for glove relair that involves replacing the lining?

I know this is not a cheap repair.

Althought it is not a vintage glove, I have an old glove I used as a kid that my son loves to use. I had retired it from use after 20+ years of use because the lining had rotted out. Not just on the palm, but on the finger linings.

I sent pictures to Kenny Jenkins and talked to him about the glove. He said he could repair it, but with some of the other wear on the fingers and palm of the glove, I could spend the money to have him fix it, but in the end, I may not have much usable life left with the glove.

Althought I want to have him restore it because of the sentimental value the glove has to me, I wondered if there are any less expensive options for relining the glove so my son can use it for a year or two (he is 9). I want to teach him how to properly break in a good glove (not the current junk models that are at least half vinyl), but he gets discouraged when we go out to play and his his good glove is still a little stiff.

I did pick up an older glove on Ebay that should arrive today and I play to relace for him to use for now, but in a way I would like to be able to pass on my old glove to him. He has had several 10, 11, and 11.5 models in the four previous seasons he has played ball. My first glove was an old glove my dad passed on to me so I have been hoping I could pass my old glove on to my son.
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