Color of Tanners tan lace vs. Rawlings

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Color of Tanners tan lace vs. Rawlings

Postby wickedwoman11 » September 7th, 2008, 5:48 pm

Anyone out there able to tell me how dark the Tanners tan lace is? I bought some of the Rawlings, and I have some that was sent to me a while ago by Nokona, but both of them are sort of orange.

My glove's old laces had been bleached a blonde color by the sun as the leather faded from exposure, and now to redo the glove in tan, well the tan seems pumpkin colored against what is now blonde leather.

I bought some of the Rawlings laces to see if they were lighter than the Nokona replacement laces I was sent, but they are actually very dark. Does anyone know where I can find some light tan laces -- more butterscotch or blonde than orange?

Or in the alternative, is it possible to sun bleach these without drying them out to the point of cracked beyond repair?
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Postby dapert » September 11th, 2008, 5:53 pm

it's a bit of work but what about giving them a light coating of some white leathe dye to lighten them up a bit? I picked some up at Tandy thinking it would really turn the leather white but at best it looked similar to white washed oak cabinets. the dye was only around $4 and it shouldn't hurt to test it on a small section of lace that isn't in your glove
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