Lexol/Lexol NF...the differences?

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Lexol/Lexol NF...the differences?

Postby Mike in New Jersey » April 26th, 2008, 11:33 am

Hi, what are the benefits/differences from using regular Lexol and Lexol NF? I read in Noah Liberman's book Glove Affairs that Lexol contains Lanolin, but It doesn't say that on either the bottle or Lexol's website. So does Lexol really contain Lanolin?

Mike in New Jersey
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Postby opticsp » April 26th, 2008, 12:50 pm

Mike: Read this article:
In it the guys that make Lexol say there is no lanolin in it.

Also, read further down on these posts and you will find info on Lexol NF. I have never used it but have read that many people like it because it does not darken leather. I like to use Lexol cleaner for small jobs, Fast Orange for heavy jobs and I top it off with Lexol regular conditioner (may darken worn leather a little). This seems to work well for me and my gloves which I use and do not store.
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Postby Mike_2007 » April 26th, 2008, 2:35 pm

I have used both but now use the NF only. The NF is thicker - I put some on a clean white washcloth and gently rub out all the dirt after a gloves been used in a game. Then I hang the glove up on a hook in my den or corner of the garage. The NF doesn't seem to get really "soaked up" this way and it doesn't make the glove heavier. After a few days, especially on black gloves, you'll see a light haze coating. Buff it out ( lexol says to use a piece of sheepskin but a just use a soft cloth) - it will shine ( sort of like polishing shoes). The glove will not be sticky which is bad if you are actually using it on a ball field (dirt). Using this technique, I never need to use leather cleaner. On older gloves, I do this in between playing catch in the backyard and slowly bring the glove back to life!
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