For Sale-1967-1969 Rawlings Johnny Bench MJ 57 catchers mitt

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For Sale-1967-1969 Rawlings Johnny Bench MJ 57 catchers mitt

Postby brooklyndodger » May 12th, 2017, 6:57 pm

I just found an almost pristine 1967-1969 Rawlings Johnny Bench MJ 57 catchers mitt.Its almost new looking except for a sweat droplet on the wristband.its only about 1/4 of the way broken in....Rawlings only used the "Deep well pocket" from 1960-1969.Seeings how Bench was a rookie in 1967 and they probably dont give many rookies their name on a glove,i would say this glove is from 1968 to 1969....FREE shipping with tracking in the United States.
I have it up on ebay for $75 buy-it-now or i could sell it off ebay for $70 shipped...GRRR THIS SITE ISNT ALLOWING ME TO UPLOAD MY PICTURES BIGGER THAN 256 kib,everytime i try to upload,it tells me the file is too big..Im also on facebook baseball pages..message me if interested and maybe it'll let me upload pictures to you that way..sigh
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