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Gloves available

PostPosted: January 15th, 2017, 5:55 pm
by Rickybulldog
Hello everyone,

I have the following gloves available for trade or sale. I also do trade/cash transactions as well:

1. Spalding crescent fielder's glove. (Asbestos/wool lined)
2. Large non brand Catcher's mitt (straps are gone, but nice look).

Sewn webs
1. Rawlings one inch web (Nice liner and great feel)
2. Reach full web (buttery soft, great feel)
3. Spalding full web (Nice liner great feel, olive color)
4. Spalding full web (Good feel, nice patch)
5. Simmons American Full web ( Tall glove, nice soft liner)
6. Eatons black one inch web ( Unique maker, nice soft feel)

1. No brand cinch back Frank McCormick mitt. (Soft, hole free liner)
2. Ken Wel buckle back basemitt (olive color, hole free liner)

20s-40s models
1. 1922 Rawlings fielders glove (Nice feel, hole free liner, 1922 patent)
2. McGregor Goldsmith Snare model (silver stamping, great feel)
3. Rawlings model H THE ORIGINAL Bill doak glove (Lefty, nice tan color, 2 patches, great hole free liner)
4. Dubow US ARMY issue fielders glove (hole free liner)
5. Ken Wel George Selkirk glove (unique web, smooth liner, nice patch)
6. Ken Wel Paul Daffy Dean. (unique lacing, liner is rough, but glove is pliable)
7. Stall & Dean fielder's glove. (Built like a tank, lace webbing, cross heel lacing)

Please send me an email at for pictures and price or trade proposal. I am looking to trade or always buying the following: Buckle back full webs, Beesting 3 finger models, sewn webs that are different colors (non brown), hall of fame endorsed split fingers, and unique looking gloves.

Re: Gloves available

PostPosted: January 15th, 2017, 7:16 pm
by Rickybulldog
Stall & Dean and Dubow are gone.

Re: Gloves available

PostPosted: February 21st, 2017, 1:02 am
by Rickybulldog
Hey Everyone,

I have quite a few gloves available along with some uniforms, cabinet photos, and bats. Please email me at

Also, I am looking to buy or trade for the following gloves. Looking for the best condition possible, but will consider anything available.

1. Reach, Wilson, Stall & Dean gloves pre 30s
2. Colored sewn webs
3. Rainey Webs
4. Carl Hubbel champions glove (T bar web)
5. Early crescents


Re: Gloves available

PostPosted: March 11th, 2017, 10:10 pm
by Rickybulldog
Still have items available. Check my site at

Re: Gloves available

PostPosted: March 18th, 2017, 10:04 am
by Rickybulldog
Ok folks, I've opened up some totes and have some stuff available. I am looking for the following items, please contact me with what you have. Always looking to buy or trade:King patents or Zany laced gloves
Pre 30s Thos. Wilsons, Wilson-Western, and Stall & Dean gloves
Endorsed gloves from Harry Hooper, Chick Hafey, Dave Bancroft, and Herb Pennock. Mint Marathon Carl Hubbell (T-bar)
Sewn webs with labels
Webless or crescents

Items available:

Sewn webs (Spalding, Simmons American, Stall & Dean, other brands)

Mckinnon Big leaguer basemitt

Reach Sam Hale

Ken Wel Dazzy Vance

40s Hutch US ARMY fielder's glove

4Os Rawlings basemitt

20s Banner Major League model glove

Wilson 605M fielder's glove

Nokona Jelly Sorelle

Wilson 614 Ted Williams baseball glove

Lull Hartford (Massachusetts company) Hig Higbe fielder's glove

Spalding Joe DiMaggio

Stall & Dean gloves

OK Frank McCormick one sacker

40s Wilson softball glove in box, along with some other boxes, and boxed gloves

Smaller Hook & eye catcher's mitt

Dubow Billy Herman

20s/30s D&M Wapiti leather fielder's glove

Pepper Martin PM deluxe lefty fielder's glove

Marathon catcher's mitt

Hutch Jim Bunning

D&M Hank Aaron

old Wilson a2000

Hack Wilson fielder's glove

Pacemaker fielder's glove

Excelsior Al Simmons fielder's glove

Leo Durocher fielder's glove

and others. Contact me if you have interest or are looking for specific items at

Re: Gloves available

PostPosted: March 21st, 2017, 12:40 pm
by Rickybulldog
Hey folks,
I have tons of gloves available depending on what you are looking for. I am looking for pre 30s gloves in trade, but do sell. Come check out my site at for other items. I do have some bats, masks, trophies, and cabinet photos. Here are some I snapped really quick:

1. Youth/boys full web $85 shipped
2. D&M vertical tunnel web fielder's glove $100 shipped
3. Old vertical tunnel web George Mule Haas? $90 shipped
4. Hutch Jim Bunning $75 shipped
5. Wilson softball glove in box $185 shipped
6. JC Higgins Johnny Schmitz in the box $185 shipped.

Re: Gloves available

PostPosted: April 1st, 2017, 9:06 pm
by Rickybulldog
Hey folks!

March was a good month where I pulled off 4 large trades (even pulled a 3-way blockbuster which I was glad to be a part of). Let's keep that mojo going. I am still looking for the following items:



Crescents (Basemitts and fielder's)

Hall of Fame endorsed models from (Dizzy Dean, Dave Bancroft, Chick Hafey, Harry Hooper, and Herb Pennock.

2 finger Nokona

Thomas Wilson and Reach gloves

Babe Ruth signed baseballs (jsa, psa dna)

Check out my site for the newest update!

Re: Gloves available

PostPosted: April 23rd, 2017, 4:37 pm
by Rickybulldog
Have a couple items for sale:

GEO Reach Bucky Walters Rainey web

Spalding pre war Joe DiMaggio gloves

Dazzy Vance style gloves

Many other gloves along with cabinets, uniforms, and other equipment. Drop me an email with what you are looking for