Gloves available

Pre-1970 gloves for that you are looking to sell, trade or looking for.

Gloves available

Postby Rickybulldog » December 9th, 2016, 12:59 am

Hello everyone,

Happy Holidays! Since my Christmas break is coming up, I put some gloves out to trade or sale if you are not the trading type. I am always looking for 3 finger gloves, Wilson gloves, D&M gloves, buckle back full webs, and different colored sewn webs (non brown). Please email contact me at I can provide pictures or prices upon request. Happy gloving!

Sewn webs
1. Davega one inch web
2. Rawlings one inch web
3. Spalding full web
4. Norman brand one inch web
5. Spalding Full web
6. Spalding full web
7. Generic Brand full web
8. Victor Full web

Pre 40s
1. Original Bill Doak
2. Stall & Dean Marty Callahan glove
3. 20s Rawlings glove vertical tunnel loop web

Lutzske style
1. Jesse Haines endorsed 3 finger glove

Catcher's mitt
1. Black Ratsch Peerless catcher mitt

1. Charles Dudley Brand basemitt
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Re: Gloves available

Postby MattyOrioles » December 10th, 2016, 12:12 pm

Is that a Reach full web?
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