Gloves for sale on ebay - Huntington BBC

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Gloves for sale on ebay - Huntington BBC

Postby Number9 » July 17th, 2016, 9:26 pm

Since I'll be a spectator at the National this summer I've decided to list a few gloves on ebay. Please check them out under the seller name huntingtonbbc. The account is new, but you'll be dealing with me personally. I hope to make this a regular, or semi-regular occurrence so please save me as a seller. I'll be sure to post relevant links to the forum when I add future listings. To get things started I currently have these gloves up for sale as straight auctions, starting at 99 cents, no reserve. Bid away!

- Spalding Full Web (black patch) ... SwAPlXhdJ~
- Victor Full Web ... SwyDxXhdk5
- Lefty Crescent Pad Catcher's Mitt with hook and eye closure ... SwAPlXhddY
- Carl Hubbell Championship Model ... 1555.l2649
- Max Bishop Reach M160 ... SwGXtXhdrj
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