Mays personal G101

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Mays personal G101

Postby theglovester » March 9th, 2013, 5:53 am

Well guys, FINALLY, FINALLY!!! got the Willie Mays glove I have been wanting for over 25 years!!! The elusive G105 "Spider Web" and this bird is Near Mint!! By far the best condition wise in my collection. Ebay#390556559379 and as hard to find as a rooster with lips!! I love the spider webs, I guess they quit making them because they were so labor intensive to lace up and hardly ever broke. (Today a company would go out of business if they made a product that lasted, this generation is a replace it if broke generation, and most things break after 4-5 years instead of wear out and you fix it,ie snapper lawn mower, Swedish cardinal fishing reels of the 70's Sad). I relaced one once and the web is "Triple Laced" a nightmare to do, I love my GC10 Gus Bell spider, really soft and it also is impossible to find. I have had many mays gloves, GC12's just didn't do it for me so now I have a great G101 mays pesonal green patch and really clean soft and nice that will be replaced by the G105. Now I have without a doubt the best collection of "Willie, Mickey and the Duke" gloves made (mantle MM, Duke DS). YeeHAAA!! will send pic to jim and see if he can post it on here, anyone interested in the G101???

You guys were correct, the XM goldsmith no endorsement, not bad shape but will need some work, you may see it again in a month or so on ebay, The mitt in the same auction I won is more promising, spalding fer sure, and looks to be a BX??? A lot of work to do on this one, but i can handle it, I'll slide a catchers mitt lining in it, remake the buckle web and be a keeper. Yep I bond with my keepers. Also won a goldsmith that has the index and thumb reeinforcements from the late 30's like the Hornsby models fer cheap, looks like a possible "red lucas or ethan allen" after looking at Jims gallery pics if so a Keeper. thanks guys, Looking to do a rolled web for someone, anybody got a triple tunnel without a web they want to look like a Red Rolfe?? I'm your huckleberry. Dustn of the wool and playing "johnny Reb" this weekend and heading to Charleston SC to fight them Yankees and protect my southern Belle's Honor. Aim small, miss small!!

PS will be posting on ebay a wilson Phil Todt buckle web/back mitt and in honor of the maple laminate table I am going to reward ebayers with a free mahogany (I think?) hand carved glove stand, my ex wife :roll: left an entire box of these and I am making them into glove stands. Ain't putting my leather on anything that reminds me of her :lol: also I will be putting on some glove displays that are made from barn lumber from an old calf pen and the gloves used are near poor from the back ( no wrist strap etc...) and mounted under tempered glass. great display and if stolen ain't out nothing, hoping a resturant/ sportsbar will hit on them, who knows, take care guys, Oh, ebay name tnwondermutt
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Re: Mays personal G101

Postby softball66 » March 9th, 2013, 8:47 am

Don's right! Try to find a Gus Bell GC10? And truly don't see that many MacGregor spider webs gloves. :)
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Re: Mays personal G101

Postby mikesglove » March 9th, 2013, 1:17 pm

I saw that glove on ebay and thought it was pretty nice. They don't come up that often. The G105 was one of my favorites and the first "Spider Web" glove I owned. Your model like mine has the normal wrist strap orientation, but I particularly like the other version with the reverse wrist strap button. I think it must be pretty rare. Below is an ad from Joe's Catalog Source Book and a re-purposed G105 glove box .
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Re: Mays personal G101

Postby ScottWNJ » March 10th, 2013, 11:39 pm

I picked up a Mays G105 about a year or so ago at an antique mall.
It is pictured here on the Forum. Search Mays under my username. What you see
Is exactly how I found it. Congrats on adding one to your collection.
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