Jimmie Foxx, Spalding

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Jimmie Foxx, Spalding

Postby jpop43 » October 23rd, 2012, 7:53 pm

This is a full sized, high quality, Jimmie Foxx signature endorsed (correct RHT) Spalding basemitt (Model 161). The images don't and can't do this splendid piece justice...it really needs to be in ones hand to be fully appreciated. The stampings on the exterior of this mitt are as deep and bold as they could possibly be, and the interior as as pristine as the day the mitt was made. Fully intact piping, all original laces, soft, supple leather, etc., etc. It really is in NrMt-Mt condition...period.

We are looking to sell or trade a number of gloves to include this particular example. If interested, please email me at: jayz43_1b@yahoo.com or thru our website, http://www.dugouttreasures.com . I'd be happy to discuss trade possibilites or quote prices to those serious and interested parties.

Foxx 1.JPG
Foxx Mitt
Foxx 2.JPG
Foxx Mitt
Foxx 4.JPG
Foxx Mitt
Foxx 5.JPG
Foxx Mitt
Foxx 7.JPG
Foxx Mitt
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