Looking for Wilson A2000...

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Looking for Wilson A2000...

Postby LookingForMyGlove » June 13th, 2012, 8:09 pm

Long story short... My father gave me this glove when I was about 8.. I have many fond memories of him playing catch with me in the street... and I used it as my personal mitt for my whole life.. summer league.. high school... college. It is the only mitt I ever had... I moved cross country 5 years ago.. had it when I moved there... took it to a softball league and it was stolen off the bench while we were talking. This was this last year. I'd really like to find the same model glove... as it had so much sentimental value...

Here is what I remember...

its a wilson a2000... i think it is the xxl model as it handled a softball very easily and was a large pocketed glove... it was a right handed thrower... the mitt was a closed mitt with a tight basketweave of leather... I remember it was a special players edition.. it had a players "signature" but I cant for the life of me ever remember the name. and of course. it was tan.

anyone out there seen something similar or might be able to help me with an exact year/model number? I know there are a lot of experts here on this forum.. Id really like to have this same glove again. I can never replace THE glove.. but this is as close as I can get. :cry:
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