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Pre-1970 gloves for that you are looking to sell, trade or looking for.

Re: Website Update - New Gloves Added

Postby vintagebrett » May 22nd, 2017, 2:11 pm

Massive update today!


1930's Spalding Marty McManus split finger baseball glove
1930's Goldsmith model AG12 Sam Byrd split finger baseball glove
1940's Geo. A. Reach model COL professional split finger baseball glove
1940's Trojan Brand Joe Medwick model 840RH buckle back split finger baseball glove


Early 1900's Reach crescent pad baseball catchers mitt
1920's James Brine buckle back baseball catchers mitt


1920's H&B LS model 40LG Lou Gehring baseball bat
1910's James Bailey Co. "Bailey's Special" baseball bat
1920's Spalding No. 6 baseball bat
1910's H&B LS Burnt Finish Professional Decal baseball bat
1920's Spalding no. 75 Interscholastic baseball bat
1910's Spalding League baseball bat
1910's Spalding P11 baseball bat
1910's Wright & Ditson no. 83 baseball bat
Circa 1910 Unknown Ring baseball bat
19th Century Homemad Folk art blue painted baseball bat


1920's Reach Amateur League baseball
1930's Unknown brand red/white stitched baseball
1920's Group of 2 Bounder baseballs
1920's Unknown red stitched baseball
Antique Vintage Ragball baseball


1940's Rawlings baseball catchers mask and chest protector
1920's University of Georgia baseball uniform
1950's Post 229 American Legion baseball jersey
1940's Owantonna baseball jersey
1911 Book of Baseball
1950's Carstairs Connie Mack All Time baseball team banner
1912 Major League Baseball Board game
1880's Baseball team photo
Early 1900's Biddefor baseball player photo
1910's Indoor baseball team photo


1930's Davega model H8 Cliff Montgomery endorsed leather football helmet
1940's Tru-Sport leather football helmet
1930's A. Lewis Champion Brand Jim Crowley endorsed leather football
1940's Dubow leather football endorsed by ??
1910's A.G. Spalding maroon football sweater
1879 Yale Princeton football print framed
1912 AHS Football team photo with dog mascot
1920's Football player with neat helmet photo
1895 Football team photo
1912 Darthmouth football team photo
Early 1900's Football player cabinet card photo


Early 1900's Splading basketball jersey with white quilted shorts
1930's B S B basketball athletic sweater
1910's Women's basketball uniform
1947 Ohio League figural basketball trophy
1924 Women's basketball team photo
1924 Science of Basketball book


1910's Ornate Tennis Trophy Loving Cup
1920's-30's Unkonwn brand discus for track and field
Early 1900's Bates College track team photo
Early 1900's Naperville, IL track team photo
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