Great Baseball Prints...

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Great Baseball Prints...

Postby theglovester » May 13th, 2014, 1:15 pm

Figure there are some new members on the old forum since I had posted this, and worth reposting. Look up the art of JIM DALY and he has some really neat baseball prints, boys in bib overalls, splitfinger gloves, hayfields etc.. Really neat 1930's depression era artwork kinda like a Rockwell paintings. Heck, my wife approved!!!! Now to get the hardwood floor painted green ala Baseball diamond, leaving the wood for the dirt base lines, mound and infield. Ain't going to happen...

Here Pepper! come on boy!!! Whistle!! Whistle!

There are a couple in the gallery pages, haven't you handsome, intelligent and dashing collectors owned them long enough?!?!?! never know till you ask! Good luck glovin guys, and I think my Reds have shifted out of 1st gear finally, great to see Chapman humming at 100mph.
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