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Postby murphusa » April 19th, 2013, 10:40 pm

At what point is a bat or glove or an article of baseball memorabilia a replica, reproduction etc.

H&B made Mantle and Jackie Robinson bats for store sale for years after they retired? Are they replica's?

Stan Musial sold his pro model bat up until his death, was that his bat or a replica.

If I sell a store model glove of Ted Williams that was made after his playing day, is that a replica?

Your thoughts
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Re: Question?

Postby softball66 » April 20th, 2013, 7:43 am

Murph raises an interesting topic. The vintage photograph people have broken their photos, I believe, into four categories from type 1 to type 4. Mostly categorized by age and how the photo was reproduced. Which should give us a little insight into how to appraise the type gloves you are describing.
Certainly we could fit the Williams,(Sears) Musial (Stan the Man Co.) even the Joe DiMaggio Yankee Clipper gloves into the "Post Career" category. There are the others like the Wilson "Lefty" Gomez, Paul Richards and Ripper Collins gloves of the 1950s in there too and the Babe Ruth Spalding of the 1960s. Jackie Robinson is another. Have to count in some of those 1920e Hall of Famer post career gloves too. The Joe Jackson Nokona of the 1940s-50s which wasn't even his signature or contract.
When we put out what we called "Re-issued gloves in the 1990s of Erskine, Carrasquel, Hoak, etc. we called them that because they came from the same company and same patterns used in the original. We can add in the post career Minoso 6-Decade tribute to that post career category too. Remember too we worked out a deal with the Sports Doctor to make replicas of some gloves like the Joe Jackson and then the nice replica
of the Babe Ruth D&M glove. Akadema is now making replicas of several of the players, like Ruth.
On the bats, seems like Hillerich and Bradsby has identified with special marks, its re-issued bats. I'm sure maybe a Jackie Robinson may be forthcoming after the movie "42."
So maybe we need to give some thought to how we divide these up: "Post Career" "Commemorative", Re-Issue. Would certainly like to hear others' thoughts on the subject. Probably would be a good idea to educate future glove collectors on the subject.
On Murph's question about the Ted Williams (Sears gloves), maybe not a replica in that sense but certainly a "post career" glove.
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Re: Question?

Postby vintagebrett » April 20th, 2013, 7:55 am

I agree they aren't replicas. To me, a replica would be an item made in the model of a distant time period. The 1960's Spalding Ruth gloves aren't replica's of his 1930 models, they are present day models with a bygone endorser. I like the terms "Post-Career" or "commemorative"
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