Civil War Basbeball

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Civil War Basbeball

Postby theglovester » February 26th, 2013, 2:25 pm

Hey Guys, Don Droke in east tennessee, many thanks to JD for the crescent spalding mitt,it came yesterday, great fit for my collection, still looking for a spalding DD Dizzy dean, rawlings PM pepper martin, and maybe a crescent fielders mitt. Mike your gloves are being mailed out on wednesday, hope you like my work, if so spread the word for me.

I have gotten into civil war reenactments and belong to the 59th TN co: F (confed), the same unit that my grandfater's grandfather fought in, or 4th TN co:B USA my mamaws papaw fought with them, and they lived across the river from each other, guess family reunions were touchy?? My skin itches more in Blue wool than in Grey!!! Anyway at the 150th anniversary of Antietam (my wife, son and myself all reneact) we were camped among 15000 reenactors and you guessed it a baseball game broke out, and they did a pretty accurate job, no gloves, but didn't soak the runners, one hop outs, and the pitches were all served so very few strikeouts. Its pretty fun doing these, NO CELL PHONES, NO TV, AND IF LUCKY NO POWER LINES OR AIRPLANES FLYING OVER. REFRESHING FOR 2-3 DAYS!! as long as it doesn't rain, and it makes you really appreciate a hot shower!! LOL.

P.S. will be @ gettysburg this summer, 150th, wearing GREY and we will be reenacting Pickets charge!! This is one Southern boy that is going to make it over the rock wall!! Look for me I will have a fingerless glove strapped on my haversack.. take care The Glovester
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