Photo of Ken-Wel factory

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Photo of Ken-Wel factory

Postby Kenny Wel » January 29th, 2012, 6:22 pm

I was fortunate enough to buy a photo of the interior of the Ken-Wel factory in Gloversville. Based on the scoreboard displayed on the factory floor, the photo was taken on October 4, 1922, moments before game 1 of the World Series. Over the shoulder of a young man manning the score board and listening to the wire feed of the broadcast, I can see rolls of labels, or at least that what it appears to be. The labels furthest to the right are Ken-Wel labels, the the others I do not recognize. Anyone with sharp eyes that can make out what they are?


I tried several cameras and techniques to get as clear of a photo as I could. Unfortuantely, this was my best result.

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