Glove of the week: Apr 21 - Apr 27 (Spalding Ruth / GS Colli

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Glove of the week: Apr 21 - Apr 27 (Spalding Ruth / GS Colli

Postby burker72 » May 5th, 2007, 12:14 am

Topping the list for the week is the Goldsmith Eddie Collins EC model. Unbelievably sharp this one brought in


Following that is the Spalding Ruth model that came in just under $1000 with 14 bids. Unfortunately the seller does not provide much info on the model number, only that it is a Ruth glove. The Ruth stamping does seem bold and the glove solidly in tact. It does look to be a newer Ruth model,
likely after his playing days.


A unique, great looking Doak model was auctioned off for $330. And then there's the Sonnett #34F Walker model. This one netted $181.

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