Glove of the week: Mar 10 - Mar 16

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Glove of the week: Mar 10 - Mar 16

Postby burker72 » March 17th, 2007, 7:51 am

Many terrific gloves exchanged hands this week on ebay.

First up is a Wright Ditson & Victor BMA7 "Flat Head Base Mitt", as described by the seller. I'm not sure I've seen this style before, so I'd agree with that seller that it is a rare model. A flawless beauty from a popular manufacturer, the glove has a very distinct style. I was surprised it only earned a single bid, but it did bring in $500.


From the same seller came this stunning MacGregor Goldsmith Birdie Tebbits XC model. The XC was MG's top of the line catcher's mitt in the 1948 and 1948 catalogs. Just as surprising, it only earned a single bid, earning $350.


The D&M "G41" Walter Johnson model did not meet reserve, piquing at just $227. There was a follow-up question to the glove's quality, with the clarity of the stamping seeming to be most in question. Looking through the source book it appears that the Johnson models, introduced in 1925 and lasting through 1937 had a "G40" model number. (unknown in '38 or '39, but not available in 1940). This possible discrepancy could have been the cause for concern. Along with that the seller has sold just 5 items with poor feedback.

A few others this past week include
+ Rawlings Bill Doak "New Improved" 5BD model selling for $175 with 9 bids.

+ Spalding 75th Anniversary Joe DiMaggion 133 model. This one went for $168 and earned 14 bids - look out for the buckleback Joe D ending soon.

+ A spotless Rawlings G800 Andy Carey model. This one was sold from 1957 - 1959 and was the top glove among the "G" model line selling for $18-$21 (which was considerably cheaper than the Personal model line, JG, BD, MM, etc). Today it goes for $114.

+ Finally a McClurg brand, new one to me, William Urbanski 250 model. This is a beautiful glove from the front, but I was not sure if the webbing was original, it looked to be a slight bit off color. One way or another, its an eye-catcher, earning $108.

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Postby MVALZ » March 17th, 2007, 11:43 am

Really appreciate the pics/comments...thanks for your time and efforts!
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Postby mudman » March 17th, 2007, 5:04 pm

Really nice looking gloves! Does anyone think that the market is a bit flat now?
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Postby crackofthebat » March 17th, 2007, 7:00 pm

The market is never flat if you are selling quality gloves in great condition. While the starting bids on the Victor 1b mitt and MacGregor catcher's mitt were high and probably would not have brought these prices with a lower starting bid, I'm sure the seller got the price he wanted and the bidders added a couple of awesome gloves to their collection. I look at it as a win - win for both sides. :D
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