September 29, 2007 Finds

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September 29, 2007 Finds

Postby vintagebrett » September 29th, 2007, 12:18 pm

Finally had the chance to go out and look for some mitts this morning. Went to a small antique show and came up empty on the leather. Did pick up a nice Red Sox calendar poster from 1958 - has Ted Williams on it - it's pretty big as well. After the show I headed off to an antique mall and did pretty well. Purchased 4 gloves including:

-MacGregor Goldsmith model HC Dixie Walker - nice tag, good leather - needs a relacing but will be great when it's cleaned.
-MacGregor model G1321 Curt Simmons - very well made glove in good shape - needs a relacing as well.
-Spalding model 1066 Roger Craig - Wow is this a nice glove. It's for a LH thrower but super high quality, great letter and stampings, awesome tag. Wish is it was RH but very nice.
-Goldsmith model "Moose" Foster 1B mitt - I see this listed in the 1938 catalog but can't find anything out about a Moose Foster. It's a well made glove and will clean up nicely.
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