Rawlings RBG90 Dave Winfield

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Rawlings RBG90 Dave Winfield

Postby RBG36 » September 8th, 2007, 1:17 pm

Today I found a Rawlings RBG90 Dave Winfield glove in the bottom of a box of stuffed animals at the flea market. The glove seems to have seen a lot of action on the diamond. Even though it has been well used, it is in pretty good shape. The leather is soft, the laces are solid and it is free of names in permanent marker. I felt the glove needed a better home than the bottom of a box of toys. The lady let me have it for $1.00.

I have seen several Dave Winfield RBG90 gloves on the internet. This one seems to have a different pocket... it has the Rawlings Basket-Web pocket. The glove is marked "Made In Thiland" but no date code is visible.

Any ideas on manufacture date?
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Postby BretMan » September 8th, 2007, 3:05 pm

Rawlings began putting the Winfield endorsement on RBG90 models in 1985. From '80-'84 this same model bore the endorsement of Reggie Jackson. Can't find a definite cut-off date, but these seem to have been made at least up into the early '90's.
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