August 15t, 2007 Finds

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August 15t, 2007 Finds

Postby vintagebrett » August 15th, 2007, 5:53 pm

Today my dad and I drove out to Madison-Bouckville, NY. The actual show doesn't open until Friday but we had heard that many of the dealers set up throughout the week in fields on the side of the road. We arrived as most dealers were opening up and had fun walking around - lots of stuff for sale. Quite a few gloves and bats - nothing great but some decent things to be found. My dad was able to pick up a hardly used Wilson A2000 XL from the 70's for a song. He also picked up a nice JF Hillerich Oil Tempered bat with some side writing - this he didn't get for a song. :lol: My purchases included a very nice Wilson A2403 catchers mitt, a barley used Rawlings XFG15 Rick Reichardt USA model and a top of the line Spalding Frankie Frisch from the 1930's. The Frisch needs some TLC but I think it has lots of potential - still has the Spalding tag on the wrist strap and the endorsement is pretty strong. Oh, and we got a really nice black/red stitched ball that is in great shape - all of the markings are very strong. Was a long drive but we had fun and I would definitely got back again sometime.
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