Santa in October

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Santa in October

Postby theglovester » October 15th, 2017, 3:53 pm

Well even a blind pig finds an acorn...Or a wiry Confederate finds a sleeping yank, today at the flea market I found a 1964 A2000 for the grand total of five buck dollars, yes glovers that is $5...Schwwwiiiinng!!! never broken in and a dandy. dang thing still squeaks when you close it...

but that pales in comparison to the in the box hand crank pencil sharpener for another $5!!! been looking for one for years!!! wonder how many kids 15-25 even know how to work one!!!

On a side note...I heard the floor cleaning that makes the Swiffer is trying to land a certain right fielder of the Yankees as their spokesman...if they do they are changing the name to the whiffer!!!
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