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Hey Guys..10 guesses??

PostPosted: September 9th, 2014, 10:54 am
by theglovester
Been a while since I chimed in on the Grand Old Glove Forum, Hope all is well in your gloving endeavors.
Thanks to JD I have a possible new addition to the glove collection!! maybe a Gloverster Coup d'etat?? hopefully not a Coupe de'Edsel!
Some one will have to add the ebay pic for me, it is ebay# 151398305946. Yep the fuzzy pic glove that looks like maybe a Collins?? who knows? any guesses guys?? Anyway, it was the first in a long time in my price range and has that "Hidden Potential". Hasn't arrived yet so you all want to have fun guessing??

P.S. For future reference, If you are a farmer/civil war re-enactor, DO NOT buy, using a credit card, on the same day, Fertilizer (i.e. Ammonium Nitrate) 200 gallons of diesel fuel, and 10 pounds of black powder...funny the 100 pounds of dry yeast wasn't noticed????

Hope all the best, and hope I snagged a keeper!?! Anticipation is the fun part!!! Drokester

Re: Hey Guys..10 guesses??

PostPosted: September 10th, 2014, 1:40 pm
by mikesglove
I saw that one too. You can't go wrong for $35. It has the style of the Collins and Ruth models. Without a cloth patch and logo button, it could also be a George Reach Co. brand. The Bruce Campbell and Sam Chapman models had the same wide wrist strap. There was the big "R" stamped in the pocket from the ebay description. Good luck anyway.