The Glovester bragging and a laugh 4 2day

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The Glovester bragging and a laugh 4 2day

Postby theglovester » March 4th, 2013, 12:46 am

Hey guys, thanks for the invite back, really missed you guys. Joe will give you a holler sometime this week, Bruce?? Bruce Rodgers, know you, been a while (yeah still got my EIEIO rawlings Letter gloves HH,MM,DS,EM,KK,RR etc), Dave is this Dave arnold, I think I did a catcher's mitt for you way back?? Anyway if not thanks anyway for the kind words!! :D Did ok flea marketing 2 day, got an old cut plug tobacco tin to sit with my oldies for $8 that was all. been looking to get a 1930's gilbert worlds fair baseball clock, some on ebay but I want a running one, check them out, goes great with a display. was digging around in my archives and found my list of people I used to do work for and the diagrams for the rolled webs I fashioned into gloves that didn't have them, from oldies to even new ones,( joe didn't I do a greenberg mitt for you back in the day??) so yeah I can do them if you have a desire for one in your collection. Mine is an OK Dimaggio rolled web, sits beside my KK keltner of course! my Stick on hand is cleaned and polished, nice auburn color, perfect for me, Jim crescent mitt looks great! on top shelf! thanks for the knowledge on the XM goldsmith.. will find out and let you guys know. the buckle back/web mitt will take some work and if i can figure out how to post pics i will give you a before and after, excited to be back, ebaying some stuff out of garage to buy a dovetail jig so there maybe some funky stuff listed under tnwondermutt thats my ebay name. I can't believe the cost of laces now :roll: they used to be $34 for 25, now $42, I wish my cattle herd calf sale prices would rise like that!! anyway sending off an order for close to $500 for laces, and sending out letters to all the highschools and colleges in the local area and sporting goods stores as I don't know anyone that does this in our area but me. Anyway $6 of laces is a $30 relace job, not a bad return and I have fun doing it!! give me a holler guys if interested.

Bragging time. I haven't topped Jim Daniel yet, his wife puts a glove on top of one of their christmas trees. but mine let me relace two gloves in bed and watch the MLB channel for 3 hours, thats pretty hard to beat.. but she won't let me paint the hardwood floor in the bedroom in the shape of a green infield, leaving the oak unpainted for the dirt part, I thought it would look awesome, Didn't work but I had to ask?? Guys God bless the wife of a baseball glove collector, they have to be next to sainthood.

A laugh and hope to hear from you guys soon. " a man and wife of 50 were talking and all the sudden a genie appeared and ask them if they could have one wish what would it be, the woman asked to look 20 years younger, poof, and she was. The man asked to be married to a woman 20 years younger, poof he was 70. be VERY careful what you wish for... LOL Later guys
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