Help Goldsmith glove model XM

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Help Goldsmith glove model XM

Postby theglovester » February 28th, 2013, 5:19 pm

Hey guys,as the song goes "I'ts me again Margaret" Told you I had been gone for WAY TO LONG so i guess you will have to put up with me for awhile. Great Day!! 1st stopped by the local sawmill here in east TN. and got enough red oak boards to panel my garage/ man cave in solid red oak, for free!!! yep handy to know your local sawmill.. scrap they were throwing away, it didn't get far.. and I won two gloves on ebay, rare for me, you guys usually snipe me. but I go for the fixer uppers. and I think I hit the jackpot. well for $70 bucks can't be wrong. the goldsmith is a double tunnel no diverted finger seams and is stamped (XM) in palm, great maltese cross button, rolled piping etc, but looking in reference book there is not an XM model, I know that an X in the model is a pretty good thing and it has a touch of silver still left, anybody have a clue on endorsement if any. still ok if not. a topline unendorsed is fine with me, but I'm anxious to find out... And a buckle back/web fielders mitt with patch, can't make it out on ebay but hey patch still there, buckle back design notes topline model also, I hope?? I can fix the buckle web, no prob, and I love the squat look it has,don't have one like that, this is usually a sign of top quality and broken in by a player not a novice original ballglove owner. Hoping for the best. the ebay # is 251234127768 or look up "vintage baseball glove" sold and you will see the pair, give me some hints guys, anxious to see what you think.
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Re: Help Goldsmith glove model XM

Postby vintagebrett » March 1st, 2013, 4:19 pm

I've had a couple of the XM models over the years - no endorsement on any of the ones I've had.
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Re: Help Goldsmith glove model XM

Postby softball66 » March 3rd, 2013, 10:12 am

If you look at the catalogs: Goldsmith-MacGregor Goldsmith - MacGregor and the "X" models, Goldsmith had an XG model (Netro Tanned) through 1943 at least and the most expensive in the line.
Mac Goldsmith developed a larger glove the XPL (Ewell Blackwell endorsed) at post war with the XG being just under that and likely smaller (Bobby Doerr endorsed). Don't find an "XM" but maybe not catalogued but similar to or same as the "XM?"
I think the "Netro Tan" is worth exploring at some discussion point.
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Re: Help Goldsmith glove model XM

Postby mikesglove » March 3rd, 2013, 5:01 pm

I looked this listing over carefully when it was active. The Goldsmith XM has a coated canvas piping so it may not be a top catalog model. Still nice looking with the tunnel loop web and logo in the pocket. The base mitt looks like a Spalding fastback model to me.
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Re: Help Goldsmith glove model XM

Postby ebbets55 » March 3rd, 2013, 6:51 pm

I love my Goldsmith XG Netro Tanned glove. It has leather piping and is almost identical to the Elmer Riddle Model. I always thought it was '42-'43ish.

Goldsmith XG Netro Tanned Major League Front.JPG
Goldsmith XG Netro Tanned Major League Model Front
Goldsmith XG Netro Tanned Major League Back.JPG
Goldsmith XG Netro Tanned Major League Model Back
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