Cooperstown get togehter?

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Cooperstown get togehter?

Postby Kenny Wel » October 16th, 2011, 8:42 am

Yesterday I was allowed to join the guys at the GloveWorks forum when they met at the Hall of Fame. It was quite a day. The Hall allowed us reduced admission and provided us with the Education Center in which to meet. A curator of the museum spoke regarding aquisition of artifacts, and three forum members also gave presentations. This was followed by a presentation of 7 gloves from the museum's collection, which included gloves used by Wes Parker, Orlando Cabrera, and Wage Bogg's "Elephant Ear" glove, which we were allowed to handle and try on! Following this, the members displayed the gloves from their own collections, and we walked from table to table in essentially a show-and-tell session. Along the way, there was a raffle for several prizes and and t-shirt give aways. I was a very cool event, and I am thankful to all the guys for allowing my son Nathan and I to tag along.

It got me wondering if us vintage guys are interested in doing the same thing? We could have members give talks on manufacturing processes, glove evolution, and manufacturers or anything else that someone steps forward on. We can see what The Hall can provide for us. With 500 gloves in its collection, it has to have something that will "wow" us! GloveWorks took a year to get their program together. The Hall staff that I spoke to said that reserving the space in advance would be key, and we would want to give attendees a long enough lead time to make plans for travel, etc. as necessary. I would think that The Hall would be more receptive to us away from their busy summer season (plus the exhibits are so much more enjoyable off peak time).

What do we think?

The only condition from The Hall was not selling or trading in the museum itself. Thag would have to be done outside.

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Re: Cooperstown get togehter?

Postby Number9 » October 17th, 2011, 9:35 pm

I'd be all over it. The Hall has some amazing stuff that no one ever gets to see. As far as this past event, I actually had plans to go to Cooperstown last Saturday anyway, but the plans fell through. Bummed that I missed it.
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