Goldsmith KB Billy Myers

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Goldsmith KB Billy Myers

Postby okdoak » October 3rd, 2011, 2:39 pm

The Goldsmith KB model gloves had quite the pedigree. It carried Honus Wagner's endorsement from 1917 to 1926 (possibly 1927, catalog information being incomplete for that year). In 1928 the KB was a KiKi Cuyler and after that it was the popular Ford/Critz Double Play. The Billy Myers KB was new in 1936 and may have still been offered in 1937 (no catalog info) for that year. It appears that the KB line ended after either of those two years. What I think is neat about this glove is the early triple tunnel web with that great looking extra leather reinforcement instead of grommets. I'm guessing it was one of the first models with that type of web. The Wagner especially and the Ford/Critz are far more desirable to collectors. And I'll bet that Cuyler model is a tough one, too. It's not in the same league as those greats, but this KB is still a good one, too.


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